Install software after TS finishes, but as part of the

The REG_BINARY in the Regwrite method wants an integer. The value looks something like this (This has been edited to keep details private). [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Connections] Cool blog post, thanks! I ran into the same issue you mentioned with Cisco VPN client installation and used a simpler workaround. Instead of invoking the Cisco installer via command line in my MDT Application, I solved the problem by invoking an old-school batch script that lives in the same folder as the VPN Client Application files in the deployment share. You basically have three different options on how to proceed: 1 binary which will run on both platforms (with runtime detection of device specific functionality) 2 binaries (one for each platform) with compile time (#ifdef) control of device specific functionality 2 binaries (one GUI for each platform) with a shared class library of application Great post. I also a noob new to programing.. can you help me to . set leave copy of message -> tick. Incoming port to 995. ssl - tick . outgoing port to 465 Programming the WshShell Object. WshShell is a generic name for a powerful object that enables you to query and interact with various aspects of the Windows shell. You can display information to the user, run applications, create shortcuts, work with the Registry, and control Windows' environment variables.

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