The Annals of Roacheforque: The Rise of Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Blog The Bitcoin Trader: Retailers, Bankers, as well as Venture . Bitcoin's internet business market leaders went on on the Venetian with Las Vegas this morning to get CES 2012, with several booths advocating Bitcoin, including representatives coming from Bit-Pay, Casascius, Mt.Gox plus a Bitcoin ATM. Bit-Pay and . FOFOA. Apparently I'd thrown down the gauntlet with that response, because several people immediately began taking up the challenge. Freegoldtube made the challenge official at the original Speakeasy, posting the question here simultaneously. In the end, 36 people contributed their own brief definitions of Freegold to the video. Total, top 10 producers: 1802 tonnes, which looks about right considering total world mining production of about 2900 tonnes.A key metric of gold is the stock to flow ratio: 170,000 tonnes / (2900 mined + 500 (est.) recycled) = 79:1, very high (a well known fact). Bitcoin is mostly held by wealthy individuals who were either founders or early adopters of BTC. Bitcoin and gold (Freegold/gold ratio/what-have-you) share nearly every major quality. They are both convenient, divisible, fungible, portable, etc. However, gold being physical, its quantity can be determined simply by human observation and manipulation. Bitcoin, on the other hand, requires electronic means. However, because silver was fully demonetized in the 20th century and gold was not, the market capitalization of the gold stockpile is 60 times the capitalization of the silver stockpile [FOFOA: and 73,000 times the capitalization of Bitcoin].

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And, as bitcoin options just expired, we bring YOU the best Bitcoin news in the US in 2020! Watch the whole video. New Bitcoin Mining Machines Hit US As Major Firm Inks Deal With Bitmain BITCOIN SETUP FOR HUUUGE BULL RALLY?!! 💰Crypto Analysis TA Today & BTC Cryptocurrency Price News Now - Duration: 13:38. Crypto Kirby Trading 13,976 views 13:38 07:20 Ethereum News 08:24 Huobi Bitcoin News 09:51 Final Thoughts ***** Support the channel:--Buy Bitcoin w/ the Cash App! The easiest way to buy bitcoin in 2020 in the US! Try using my code and ... WILL THE BITCOIN BULLS OR BEARS TAKE CONTROL OF BTC HERE!?!? Time is running out for the massive move, which way will it be!?? let me know what you thing in the comments below, HAVE A GREAT DAY ... Today we look at on-chain data from bitcoin miners and CME data from bitcoin traders. Altcoin Daily brings YOU the latest cryptocurrency news online! We also discuss:

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