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What does the speed of transaction depend on?

What does the speed of transaction depend on?
Good day, readers! 👋🏻
Today, we are going to share with you some important information on what the speed of transaction depends on.
🔹 Miners take transactions from the mempool, form blocks from them and process them. They receive a reward for processing one block of transactions in the #blockchain.
🔹 The transaction speed depends on the number of coins sent and on the commission that the sender is willing to pay for the quick delivery of his message.
🔹 Some wallets allow customers to increase commission and thereby speed up transactions. Others (such as Coinbase), calculate the commission themselves using mechanisms that they do not want to disclose. As a result, miners receive not only remuneration for the block, but also additional commissions.
🔹 This encourages miners to select transactions with higher fees for volumes or for the speed of sending. Thus, it is the miners who are the key participants in cryptocurrency transactions. It depends on the miners how quickly the recipient receives the coins.
💎 Relictum Pro allows you to confirm transactions within the network of current cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc. Transaction confirmations happen instantly. Even if Bitcoin has not reached the owner, a user can already immediately dispose of it.
💎 #Relictum Pro transaction speed (the rate of filling the entire network with blocks in each node) takes from 0.5 to 1 second. ⚡️ While the average speed of filing the network (all nodes) with blocks (Bitcoin or Ether) existing for competitors, taking into account the confirmations, takes, on average, from 10 minutes to several weeks.
🥇 For more details, visit our website: https://relictum.pro
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Mining: Weird Time to Start, a Good Time to Think

Mining: Weird Time to Start, a Good Time to Think
Well, it’s supposed to be an optimistic article about most promising mining cryptos, but then something happened. No one was too naive to believe that the events unfolded around the COVID-19 pandemic will not affect global markets, but the turbulence that occurred was very significant and, what is most sad, it is still very difficult to say how soon the situation will stabilize.
Many people were already bothered that crypto mining is becoming less profitable in 2020 and will be meaningless very soon, but even though big companies having bigger resources took over most of the industry, cryptocurrency mining using video cards remains available to common users and still has potential.
Despite, the volatility of the cryptocurrency market hashrate of the Bitcoin blockchain network yet remains almost at the same level and that is a quite positive sign. At the moment, the most reliable option seems to be to leave mining to large ASIC-farms and return when the stock panic subsides and the prospects will be clearer.
Although Bitcoin is still the most popular cryptocurrency on the market, every year the complexity of operations necessary for its production increases, and rewards fall (after halving in May 2020, we will talk about 6.25 BTC per block). For mining many altcoins, the threshold for entry is much lower, therefore it makes sense to look for a more profitable option among them.
But first, let’s try to understand a little what conditions we need for profitable mining.
There are several crucial aspects that determine how profitable mining will be. These are such obvious things as the price of the currency or the amount of reward for the generated block.
And this is the reason it is now very difficult to calculate the possible income. One way or another, the market price of altcoins depends on the position of bitcoin, which is experiencing bad times. For several months, the world of crypto mining has been preparing for the May halving, because the reduced supply led to a significant increase in prices. This time should not have been an exception, but now when bitcoin does not rise above $5500 and risks falling below $3500, we can only make vague guesses about its potential price in May. Many analysts tend to believe that closer to the middle of April, the negative effect of the crisis should be reduced, and positive expectations from halving and a large amount of cash from investors should have a positive impact on the price of bitcoin. Altcoins, as a rule, repeat the dynamics of the first cryptocurrency and will also continue their growth to historical highs in the year’s future.
Next, you should also pay attention to the complexity of mining because it affects the time and energy spent on generating the block. Do not forget about the cost of electricity in your region, as one extra-large bill can negate all your efforts to earn money on currency mining.
Do not forget about expenses on a mining rig and it’s amortisation.
In addition to the above, you should find out how practical the chosen currency is: whether it can be exchanged for fiat or more popular coins, what fees are charged by exchanges that work with it, and what reputation it has in general.
In order to avoid unpleasant mistakes, it is easier and more reliable to check the possible profit in one of the many calculators.

Best altcoins to mine in 2020

Monero is the currency with the highest anonymity rates, which stays attractive to many users and remains one of the strongest altcoins. The specific proof-of-work hashing algorithm does not allow ASIC-miners, so it is relatively easy to mine using personal computer’s processors and graphics cards. AMD graphic cards are preferable for this task, but NVidia suits as well. The current block reward is 2.47 XMR.
Litecoin is one of the oldest Bitcoin forks, but unlike it uses a different “Script” PoW algorithm which allows less powerful GPUs to mine coins. Litecoin is on the most popular, and successful Bitcoin forks and considered one of the most stable cryptocurrencies. Block mining reward is 12.5 LTC.
Ravencoin is another Bitcoin hardfork, and like Monero’s its X16R algorithm is practically unavailable for ASIC machines. Raven keeps gaining popularity for many reasons – it has faster block time, higher mining reward (5,000 RVN at the moment) and secure messaging system.
Dogecoin is not a joke anymore. Hard to believe, but this currency once made for fun, became one of the most valuable ones. Like Litecoin it uses Scrypt algorithm and great for mining with GPUs.
One more Bitcoin fork Bitcoin Gold was made specifically to kick out ASICs and clear the road for GPUs. It may not be the fastest-growing currency, but it is definitely one of the most stable.
That’s all for today. Stay safe, cause health is our most important asset.
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BitGrail - Getting your holdings back MEGATHREAD

UPDATE: 16 July 2019 from the Discord Channel, how to file your claims...

@espenenger said:
In the attachments below, you will find formal claims prepared by our attorneys. Because the Bitgrail exchange changed company structure from Webcoin to BG-services, you will find two claims you have to fill out. To make it easier, the claims have been prepared in both English and italian in the same form (meaning you will not need to translate yourself or send four different claims). In short, what you need to do is to fill out these two claims (Webcoin and BG-services), print them, sign them, scan them and send them to the trustees.
Send the Webcoin document to
[email protected]
Send the BG Services document to
[email protected]

If you are unsure about how to file your claims, the attorneys have prepared a guide for you with a prefilled example in this PDF attachment


BG Services

I recommend reading the Guide. If you already sent in your claim through one of the older claim forms, you can either wait for a response from the trustees or send them in again using these new forms. If you have not filed your claim, I recommend using the new forms posted today.

Prefilled Claims Guide:

---------------- PREVIOUS POST DETAILS ARCHIVED BELOW ------------------

As listed on a previous post, https://www.bitgrail.com/ has been updated with legal information from the Bitgrail trustees. I would guess this content is going to be updated over time. So, in order to keep a record of what you have to do to claim your holdings in one place, we have a megathread!
UPDATE: 21 June 2019
UPDATE: 27 June

  1. Background, Dates and Links
  2. Court Case & Filing Details
  3. What needs to be done - Steps to claim

1. Background, Dates and Links

Discord link
Here is the current invite link for the bitgrail victims discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/7jpHrBs