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r/MyChemicalRomance General Survey RESULTS!

Hey all,
Thanks for responding to the general survey I put out last weekend! Here are the top results:
Demographic info:
Age: 34% of respondents are ages 15-19. 20% are ages 20-24. Ages 25-29 and under 15 are tied at 17% each.
Gender: 61% of respondents identify as a woman. 27% identify as a man. About 5% identify as non-binary or within the nonbinary spectrum, including yours truly. Enby rights!
Sexuality: 38% of respondents identify as straight. About 10% identify as gay or lesbian. About 37% identify as bi or pansexual! 4% identify as asexual, and about 2% also identified within the ace/aro spectrum. 6% identify as queer and 9% identify as questioning/unsure.
Location: The majority of respondents are from North America and Europe, at 61% and 28% respectively. American respondents are from a plethora of different states, with the highest concentrations in California and Texas. Non-American respondents come from all over the world; Canada, Poland, Germany, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, and Belarus just to name a few.
Education/Occupation: Many respondents said that they were in middle or high school. For occupation or college study, there were tons of interesting answers! Here’s a few that jumped out to me: teacher, electrical engineer, marriage and family therapy (cool!), technical theatre and stage management, psychologist, radiologist, theoretical physicist, linguistics (omg pm me please), lawyer, stay-at-home-mom, and so many others. I found the diversity of study/careers so fascinating considering the average age of the members of sub!
Music: 51% of respondents say they engage with music outside of just listening in ways like performing, songwriting, etc. The other 49% say they do not.
Band-related info:
Time listening to MCR: A whopping 34% of respondents say they’ve been listening to MCR for 11-20 years! How cool is that? 20% say they’ve been listening to MCR for less than a year, while 18% say they’ve been listening for 1-2 years. 17% say they’ve been listening for 5-10 years.
Introduction to MCR: 45% of respondents say their introduction to the band was The Black Parade. 37% say it was Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. Other responses (outside of the other albums) include best-of playlists, music videos, and the infamous fanfiction My Immortal (my name is Ebony D’arkness Dementia Raven Way!)
Live shows: The majority of respondents, 78%, say they’ve never seen MCR or any of its members/side projects live in concert. For the other 22%, how I envy you!
Ranking: 53% of respondents say that MCR is their #1 favorite band! 15% say it’s their second-favorite band, and 19% say it’s in their top 5.
Favorite Album: I was surprised to see that 38% of respondents chose Revenge as their favorite album! I totally agree, I just thought it would be more related to commercial success. 30% picked Black Parade, and Bullets and Danger Days tie at 14% each.
Favorite Era: Unsurprisingly, 36% chose Revenge as their favorite era, followed by Black Parade at 28% and Danger Days at 22%. To the 2 folks who picked the breakup/side projects as their favorite era, I have just one question: ?????????
Best Album Art: Once again Revenge takes the lead at 55%! Bullets comes in at #2 with 13%, followed by Black Parade at 12%, Danger Days at 10%, and Conventional Weapons at 8%.
Best Album Opener: The End. was voted the best album opener at 39%, surprisingly beating Helena at 30%. Look Alive, Sunshine came in at 16% and Romance at 13%.
Best Album Closer: Famous Last Words was voted best album closer at 40%. Who’s surprised? What an absolute banger of a song. If you consider Blood the closer of TBP, that got a few votes too. Interestingly, Demolition Lovers came in second at 23%, followed by Vampire Money at 18% and I Never Told You What I Do For A Living at 16%.
Best Side Project: Frank Iero’s many side projects were voted the favorite at 47%. Gerard Way’s projects came in second at 41%. Ray Toro’s solo album came in at 5%, and Mikey Way’s side project at 2%.
Social Media Engagement: The majority of respondents said they use Reddit (obvs lol), Instagram, and Twitter to engage with the band or band-related content. Other answers include Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube, and MySpace (lmaooo)
Artists Similar to MCR: I found the answers to this one super interesting because it was very reflective of the current discourse surrounding MCR-related acts; I know at least on Twitter, there’s a huge debate as to whether MCR should be grouped with other “emo trinity” bands like Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, and Twenty One Pilots, or more punk/rock bands like Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, The Used, and Green Day. Other answers include Avenged Sevenfold, Creeper, Palaye Royale, Brand New, Smashing Pumpkins, The Smiths, Queen, Iron Maiden, Jimmy Eat World (Colin, is that you?), Paramore, Mindless Self Indulgence, The Killers, Breaking Benjamin, Pink Floyd, Black Veil Brides, Against Me!, All American Rejects, Blink-182, Simple Plan, AFI, Weezer, Gorillaz, and All Time Low.
Other Music: In terms of what respondents listen to outside of MCR, the answers run the gamut from pop, indie, grunge, classic rock, and even 90s boybands.
Favorite MCR Song: The final question resulted in answers from all over the board! A few that stick out are Thank You For the Venom (fuck yeah)!, Mama, Helena, Famous Last Words, The Ghost of You, Early Sunsets, House of Wolves, and Vampires.
Speaking of THE BEST My Chem Song, be on the lookout for the first round of Survivor! Starting with Bullets, I will be posting a survey with every song on the album asking you to pick your least favorite. This will keep going until we have a winner from each album, at which point they’ll go head to head to reveal an all-time winner!
Thanks again for completing the survey. Just a note: all answers were rounded to the nearest whole percentage, and many questions had the option to select multiple answers or fill in your own which may have resulted in some funky math. I’m no data analyst by any means - this was all just for fun! I definitely had fun reviewing everyone’s answers and I hope you did too :)
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